Friday, March 19, 2010

08/??/00 Soulfarm @ Wetlands, New York, NY

This night was an unmitigated disaster. My on-and-off girlfriend was about to embark on a yearlong trip to Israel and I wanted to show her a good time at my favorite NYC club before she left.

We missed the last bus to the city, or maybe it just didn't show up. Somehow we hitched a ride with a friendly stranger.

I remember nothing about the show except hanging out in the basement and scavenging for weed to placate my lady friend, who was becoming increasingly irritated with the situation.

To further complicate matters, I naively assumed I'd be able to hitch a ride home with a fellow concert attendee. That didn't really plan out and this girl had a virtual nervous breakdown fearing her parents would nix her trip.

Eventually, we did get a ride home from some Jersey associates, none the worse for the wear.

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