Wednesday, March 24, 2010

04/18-20/03 Boombamela @ Hof Nitzanim, Israel

I lived in Israel for the first half of 2003. Unfortunately, I lacked the funds to catch higher profile acts like Infected Mushroom and Wu-Tang associate Remedy.

I can recall at least one small club show, but the main musical event was this three day festival on a beach.

I had never been camping, let alone camping on a beach for three days. I bought a tent at the central bus depot in Jerusalem for the equivalent of $15 and managed to get it to a friend just about to depart. So, I secured a spot in the Niveh campground.

There was a lot of psytrance and typical hippie festival fare, including the aforementioned Moshav Band and a seemingly out of place bagpipe outfit.

At one point I got kicked out of the nude beach for refusing to remove my underwear. I did, however, stick around long enough to bum a cigarette off a naked lady.

I lounged on the beach by day and danced all night.

I smoked hash with a European gentleman at 4:20 on 4/20.

On the last night, I tripped on acid for the first time and basked in the glory of sexy horses and a Mediterranean sunrise.

The crazy thing is that, after the hippie fest cleared out, another fest, with a heavier focus on electronic music, took over the beach. I'm sure more than a few folks stuck it out for both, but I was utterly drained and ready to recover.

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