Friday, March 19, 2010

05/30/00 Blink-182/Bad Religion @ Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY

This was fun because I wasn't planning on going until the day of the show and my friend called me up offering me an extra ticket. Blink-182 was my favorite band at the time and I also enjoyed bad Religion's current single, "Story of My Life."

The funny thing was that he had three tickets in a lower section and three tickets in a higher section. It was him and his girlfriend plus two of my other friends. You would think he'd want to sit with his girlfriend, but he ended up giving my two other friends the better tickets and leaving me with his girlfriend, who I hardly knew, in the nosebleeds.

At setbreak, I remember bumming a cigarette for one of my friends, which for some reason I enjoyed doing before I actually started smoking.

Years later, I would discuss the tour with a Darien Lake local on line for a roller coaster pre-Phish show. He preferred Bad Religion's performance to Blink-182's.

I got a free sample box of cereal in the parking lot and chipped my tooth on my tongue ring.

We saw a good amount of boobies on the way out. Hurray for boobies!

Then we got ridiculously lost on the way home and ended up in Staten Island. My friend must have been overtired because at one point he screeched to a halt on the Turnpike and swore he had seen a buffalo on the highway.

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