Thursday, March 18, 2010

03/21/00 Soulfarm @ Wetlands, New York, NY

I'm almost positive this was my first time at the legendary now-defunct NYC hippie rock club. I wasn't cool enough at the time to grasp the gravity of the situation; I just went because that's where the happening Purim party was going down. Novice as I was to the NYC bar scene, I sort of assumed that it was just the way NYC clubs roll.

At any rate, the entertainment for the evening was the cream of the Jewish jamband crop - Soulfarm née Inasense. They were the band du jour for high school teenagers of the Tri-State area Jew scene. They cover classics like "Sugaree" and "Woodstock" and delivered some very enjoyable originals such as "Listen To You" and "Enjoy The Ride." I actually lived a few blocks away from the lead guitarist, and I was friendly with his daughter and step-daughter, the former of whom later married the guy who took me to my first Phish show, but that's another story altogether.

I think I got ejected prematurely for underage drinking. Ironically, I had yet to develop a taste for beer at that age and I was merely delivering it to a friend downstairs. The bouncer failed to see the irony.

This show was recorded and released.

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  1. On a sad note from the present, DJ Dave Nolan, a Wetlands fixture recently passed away. He will be missed. There is a memorial concert March 24 at Brooklyn Bowl.