Monday, April 12, 2010

07/30/04 Soulive w/Supernatural @ Tribeca Rock Club, New York, NY

This was my first time seeing Soulive in a club setting. They were one of my favorite band at the time and this was a smaller club than they normally played - the now defunct Tribeca Rock Club.

They played a two night stand and sold "Instant Live" CDs of the show. Of course, this being way back in 2004, I didn't receive the discs until a few weeks after the fact.

The show was sold out by the time we got there, but we were able to catch the second set.

The most memorable part of the show was when Supernatural came out for some freestyling and "Tabasco." For some reason, the crowd was not especially receptive to the hip hop element and he heard some scattered boos. When I listened to the tape, I could hear my friend yelling that "They don't understand."

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