Wednesday, April 21, 2010

03/31/05 Fantastic Four @ Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

For the first quarter of 2005, I was busy saving money to move to the city and commuting to Queens College from Rockland, so I didn't see much live music. The relatively low number of shows must have been the reason why the few shows I did see in the early part of the year were all super groups comprised of the best elements of my favorite regular groups.

This was the first show I saw after I moved to an apartment in Flushing, Queens. The proximity of my place to the Long island Expressway made it easy to drive to shows all over the five boroughs, but for my first musical experience as a resident of New York City, I chose a fairly far flung locale - Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The band featured Soulive's Eric Krasno on guitar, man about town Cheme Gastelum on sax, drum wunderkind Adam Deitch and organ grinder Robert Walter.

The venue is one of the nicer ones in the city, even though I haven't returned since.

The show was a predictable mix of exhilirating exploratory funk jams. The second set opened with Kras on bass for a few tunes.

On the way home, I got hopelessly lost in South Brooklyn for nearly two hours.

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