Monday, April 26, 2010

05/13/05 Hairy Apes BMX w/Skerik @ Tribeca Rock Club, New York, NY

I remember this night well because I couldn't find anyone to join me and I debated skipping the whole thing. It was a decision I had faced many times before and would face many times again, but I decided to grab a six-pack of Heineken Dark Lager and head to the show solo.

I got a sweet parking spot right in front of the club and smuggled in the brews as needed.

The show was a mix of experimental funk and dub featuring the percussive vibraphonic madness of Mike Dillon, who resembles a punk rock George W. Bush. Saxomaphonist Skerik amped the weirdness quotient up to 11.

I'm pretty sure I was teh only one in the audience who picked up on the left field cover of Slick Rick's "Adults Only" featuring the amended lyric, "Ain't no way to put it subtle - Skerik wants the butthole."

Good times and one of my earliest memories of solo city musical adventure at its finest.

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