Saturday, February 25, 2012

08/16/08 The Homosexuals & others @ Rubulad, Brooklyn, NY

While failing to find a roving street party akin to The Danger's that night, I did find a multilevel warehouse wonderland much like the Lunatarium of lore, from which the Danger sprung. Our next stop was the long-standing, but now defunct artistic living/performing/projecting/dancing/eating/etc. space for a performance by veteran punkers The Homosexuals, which appeared to feature only one original member along with my friend's cousin on bass.

The space featured nooks and crannies and weirdness befitting the hundreds of creative minds that had past through over the years. Upstairs featured the main stage, bar, side stage and lounge and a ladder to the rooftop cinema if you could find it. Downstairs featured two expansive dance floors with DJs spinning funk and hip hop and soul until well after dawn. Nearby, a multilevel structure resembling an indoor tree house beckoned the weary into amorphous cuddle puddles.

We would return several times often with friends in tow. It was always a revelatory experience, but would never match the thrill of discovering a new playground for late night dreamers.

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