Friday, February 24, 2012

08/15/08 Deer Tick & others (Paradosaurus Wreck) @ Dilboy VFW Hall, Somerville, MA

Having avoided Boston for nearly the entirety of several friends' collegiate careers, my brilliant and talented friend finally cajoled me into a weekend there.

The lure of an art happening thrown by nerdy hipster weirdos was too tempting to pass up. Deer Tick was just beginning to make waves on the national scene with the gritty country fried twang of their debut album War Elephant, although given the group's New England roots, their inclusion in this DIY event was not entirely surprising. They were icing on the cake.

Deer Tick went on early and played most of the album including my favorite track "These Old Shoes". Echoes crashed around the low ceilings and slate tiled floors. The rest of the music varied between utterly forgettable and disturbingly strange.

The art element involved projections on catwalk models clad entirely in white. It worked better in concept than in practice.

The event ended, as things in Boston are wont to do, a little after midnight, which was just as well, since we had a bus back to NYC Saturday morning for an incredibly packed day.

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