Tuesday, November 2, 2010

08/03/05 Rana/Sound of Urchin @ CBGB, New York, NY

My initial research led me to believe that this show was in 2006, but I definitely remember this being in the earlier part of my NYC residency. I distinctly remember driving from Flushing to the Bowery in about 15 minutes. Hurray for Wednesday night traffic!

This was my only time seeing music at the legendary NYC club CBGB, known for launching some of my favorite acts like The Ramones and the Talking Heads.

At this point, the club was on its last legs and decrepit as ever. I figured I should check it out before it bit the dust, so I met up with some hometown cronies for a pairing of the jammy Rana and the weird Sound of Urchin.

One of my friends is a huge Urchin fanboy so he had turned me on to some of their stuff.

The show even featured a guest appearance by one of the Moistboyz aka Dean Ween.

I left a few songs into Rana's set, which featured the blistering guitar work of jam scenester Scott Metzger.

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