Tuesday, June 1, 2010

11/19/05 Adam Deitch Project vs. Roc Raida @ Happy Valley, New York, NY

This was an issue release for art fag magazine Beautiful Decay.

The club was one of those momentous spots that enjoyed a brief time in the spotlight before fading into obscurity. It featured an elevated VIP lounge and cage dancers.

The bands and DJs performed atop a pyramid structure.

One of the city's finest young drummers (from my hometown) sparred with one of the top turntablists in the game for a great night of jazzy hip hop beats.

There was freeflowing Steel Reserve.

On my way to catch the 7 train home, I came across a line wrapped around the block of the Times Square Virgin Records. Tickets for System of a Down's MTV2 2 Dollar Bill show were going on sale to a select few at 10am, so I decided to get on line.

The first few hours were fun. The diehard SOAD fans passed bottles and joints and all was well.

Then the late hour and the cold weather began to take its toll. Rumors persisted that anyone past a certain point would not get a ticket. Still we waited.

I took a brief nap at a corner deli and returned to the line shortly after the sun rose and returned the collective mood to a more pleasant level.

We watched a cab run over a pigeon and then took delight in pedestrians inadvertently stepping in its remains.

Finally, the doors opened and all hell broke loose in a mad dash for the registers.

Sadly, I walked away ticketless.

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