Thursday, June 3, 2010

01/14/06 Licorice @ Blue Note, New York, NY

Another MySpace blog repost.
After a short, but sweet reefer break in the nearby Sheraton, my good pal Andy and I headed downtown. After a couple of aborted attempts at a good game of Beer Pong and a nacho platter fit for a king at Senor Swanky's we headed to the hallowed jazz tourist trap Blue Note for a Late Night Groove Series event featuring local jamsters Licorice.

On a total side note, for all you music lovers out there, Blue Note Late Night Groove Series (BNLNGS) is where it's at. While not featuring the veteran jazz scenesters of the earlier shows, BNLNGS does feature up-and-comers for a fraction of the price. Recent performers include Adam Deitch, Brian Haas, Marco Benevento, Joe Russo, Cheme Gastulum, DJ Logic and more. Only thing that sucks is the over-priced drinks and lack of dancing room. I did meet Jounce bassist Dan Tamberelli (aka Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete & Pete, a childhood television favorite of mine) there one time. But I digress.

I was pretty exhausted at this point due to a night of debauchery, but I did catch a front row seat. Licorice is a typical jamband which, like sex and pizza, is pretty good even when it's mediocre. They did not disappoint. I downloaded every mp3 off their website the next day and I am a converted fan. They remind me of Phish more than any band out there, especially the piano fills. Whatever. Check 'em out.

Also at Blue Note, a girl next to me accidentally set her hair on fire while leaning in for a picture and some West Point cadets recognized my camo jacket that I stole from their hallowed military academy a few years back. Luckily, they were cool about it.

To cap off the night, Mother Nature provided some white stuff. There are few sights more breathtaking than Manhattan on a snowy winter night. It helps if you just smoked some of those Sheraton bathroom bingers.

And then back to Queens for a recharge before heading back to the dreaded Rocknam early Sunday afteroon, once agin without music.

So here I find myself transmitting thoughts into the infinite expanses of the Internet, I can't help but regret not having gone snowboarding this season. There's still time but it's looking grim.

Until next time, MySpace compadres. I'm off to get twisted, KNAWMEAN!
I might as well post the rest of these MySpace blog posts, even if they aren't all music related.

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