Thursday, June 3, 2010

02/17/06 Umphrey's McGee @ Nokia Theater, New York, NY

02/17/06 Nokia Theatre, New York, NY
Set I: Bridgeless, Passing, Nothing Too Fancy> Bright Lights, Big City, Morning Song, 2x2> Nothing Too Fancy
Set II: Breathe> Got Your Milk (Right Here), The Triple Wide> Anchor Drops> 40's Theme, Much Obliged> Pipeline> Much Obliged> Breathe, Syncopated Strangers> Jimmy Stewart> Syncopated Strangers, Plunger
Encore: Divisions
That does it for the two-fisted tales of trials and tribulaations at the hands of the long arm of the law. In other news, I saw Umphrey's McGee (Chi-town's finest!), those favorite ImProg sons of the Midwest, for free at Nokia Theater (the site of my last run-in with the boys in blue, see the last blog). They don't check me there if I'm working so I brought in some Captain Morgan's. Me and the Captain made it happen. Great show highlighted by a dub version of Pink Floyd's "Breathe" and a tease of Mystikal's classic "Shake that Ass." As always, I highly recommend you check them out ASAP - I'm gonna have to go to court soon for the last time I went to Nokia. I'm not really too sure when though; the ticket is not at all clear. Leave it to the NYPD to confuse the shit out of you.

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