Friday, February 4, 2011

12/31/07 The Danger's New Lost City @ 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY

So excited was I to rage a New Year's eve in style after having to sit on the sidelines the year prior due to Mono that I made a special trip to National Wholesale Liquidators to purchase ballons and other assorted toys. It was there that I found the giant bubble sword that would provide much entertainment that night.

That night, I took on the role of merry prankster, spreading love and light across the boros. My ridiculous attire included a thrift store tweed blazer and a grampa hat, augmented by my ludicrously large bubble wand.

Never before had my rage crew run so deep. My friend's twin cousins were in from Israel with their friends in tow. My some time NYC resident friends joined us. My friend came down from Boston and passed out drunk in the chill tent before we even arrived.

We missed whatever spectacle was planned for midnight, but apparently it involved instructions to kiss strangers, as every time I met someone there, I was warmly kissed.

The smallish loft area was packed beyond belief when we got there a little after 1am. Luckily, there was an outdoor area for blowing giant bubbles and other assorted merriment.

Later, the crowd thinned out a bit and we reveled in our ecstatic state until well past dawn. After the fire spinners and stiltwalkers and aerieal acrobatics dissipated, we danced the early morning away to a band fronted by a demented clown and intermittent burlesque.

Finally, I led a good portion of our troops back to our place in Queens for rest and rejuvenation. I'll never forget an apartment full of weary, yet fully satisfied party people lazily wasting a New Year's Day on my fold out couch.

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