Monday, January 24, 2011

08/16-18/07 Camp Bisco @ Indian Lookout Country Club, Mariaville, NY

Disco Biscuits
08/16/07 • Indian Lookout Country Club • Mariaville , NY
Set 1: Bernstein And Chasnoff, Boom Shanker1 > The Great Abyss, Hot Air Balloon

08/17/07 • Indian Lookout Country Club • Mariaville , NY
Set 1: Glastonbury1 > Basis For A Day > Gangster2 > Shem-Rah Boo3 > Basis For A Day, Rockafella
Set 2: Jigsaw Earth > Above The Waves4 > Jigsaw Earth, Magellan > Termites > Magellan
Set 3: Rainbow Song > Spacebirdmatingcall, Reactor > Orch Theme5 > Reactor
1Tractorbeam style
2ending only
5with Simon Posford and Zach Velmer (STS9)
Set I started at approximately 3:45pm in place of The New Originals because Simon Postford was delayed; Sets II and III occured in tDB scheduled evening time slot

08/18/07 • Indian Lookout Country Club • Mariaville , NY
Set 1: 10 Ton Foot, Astronaut > Munchkin Invasion1 > Astronaut, Story Of The World2, Take A Bow3
Set 2: Caterpillar > Cyclone > Caterpillar, Pilin' It High4, Papercut5 > Sound One
Encore: I Wanna Be Sedated > Digital Buddha
2preceded by "Strawberry Girl" fake-out
31st time played (Muse); with Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) on vocals
4Perfume version; with Johnny Rabb (BioDiesel) on drums
51st time played

Umphrey's McGee
08/16/07 • Indian Lookout Country Club • Mariaville , NY
Set 1: Nothing Too Fancy, Much Obliged > Mulche's Odyssey, Resolution > Norwegian Wood > Resolution > Sociable Jimmy, Wizard Burial Ground, Push the Pig, 2nd Self

Sound Tribe Sector 9
08/17/07 • Indian Lookout Country Club • Mariaville , NY
Set 1: Tooth, Aimlessly, We'll Meet In Our Dreams, F. Word, Arigato, Be Nice, Somesing, Lo Swaga, One A Day, Instantly1
1with Rent tease
Despite not having a significant source of income or transportation, I managed to get my girlfriend to her first proper music festival, and it was a doozy.

We enrolled in the Work Exchange Team, pledging 18 hours of labor each in exchange for free tickets. Thankfully, the labor did not turn out to be of the hard variety.

Sadly, we could not afford to attend the Disco Biscuits/Umphrey's McGee show the preceding night at McCarren Pool, due partly to not completing a pair of t-shirts meant to fund our adventure. However, we were able to find a fellow fan on a Biscuits message board willing to take us up to the festival.

We arrived a night early and set up camp outside the gates, ensuring a short wait and a premium camping spot once the festival officially opened in the morning.

After setting up camp and checking in with the W.E.T. crew, we caught an earlyish Umphrey's set that catered to the Biscuits crowd, meaning it was a bit more danceable and electronic than previous Umphrey's sets I had witnessed.

Then it was time for the Biscuits. Truth be told, I did not really know enough about the band to accurately review these sets, nor do I remember much.

We had signed up for the 9AM-3PM shifts, so unfortunately, late night acts were out of the question.

As a matter of fact, I recall very little about the actual music. In retrospect, i don't think I saw all that much of it for a festival. I enjoyed STS9. I was a bit disappointed by Infected Mushroom. Girl Talk was a dance party as expected. The Biscuits were standard. I remember rushing towards the stage when the Biscuits played a surprise Friday afternoon set and getting down to Slick Rick the Ruler. But what really stands out is the overall experience.

The next morning we discovered that the greatest job at a festival like Camp Bisco is running the kids tent, the reason being that Camp Bisco is no place for children. For the 6 hours we sat there, one kid came by and he was accompanied by his dad. So we basically just played with all the toys ourselves for the entire morning.

That night, there was ostensibly some music. But what i will always remember is the galeforce winds that ripped through the campgrounds, nearly taking down the stage and sending tents swirling through the night sky like Dorothy's farmhouse. Equally memorable was the stunning starscape that followed.

Luckily, our tent was too small to have blown away, but all our sleeping gear was soaked. So we were forced to spend the night in the front seats of our friend's car, whihc was made all the more uncomfortable by the 40 degree chill.

The next morning we woke up and helped clean up the grounds a bit, clad in our warmest clothes - hoodies and sarongs. We even put in a stint at the VIP tent, during which we were able to experience some of the VIP benefits like couches and hot food.

Finally, we completed our W.E.T. requirements and were free to enjoy the rest of the festival. We copped some Xanax off a friend to relax and then found some doses. Of course, that is not the greatest combination and, following an intimate encounter with a Blow Pop, we shut our eyes and slept through the rest of the festival.

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