Monday, January 3, 2011

06/29/07 Digital Frontier/Quagmire Swim Team @ Pussycat Lounge, New York, NY

After the relatively early Jazz Fest offering, we swung over to this Lower Manhattan titty bar for a livetronic show upstairs.

Quagmire Swim Team are from Pennsylvania. They're fun, but never broke through to the next level.

DigiFront, as they are known, are a bit better, but several line-up changes, a lot of unwarranted online hate and a general sporadic nature doomed them before they were able to build on their momentum.

This show was enhanced by the less popular painkiller Tramadol.

Aside from the seedy nature of the topless girls behind the bar, the bodega next door offered cheap tallboys and a secret bar in the back featuring little more than liquor and lapdances.

Sometime over the course of the evening, my lady friend and I escaped to a back alley for some escapades that continued at Battery Park.

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